One (2004)

The Ballad (2005)

The Beginning (2007)

Spaceman (2009)

NightLight (in development)

- Before North Films in the NEWS -

"The Beginning"

" ...a great story of seat-of-the-pants guerilla filmmaking from filmmakers getting used to no-budget realities. [The Beginning] is a zombie picture in the old 'Night of the Living Dead' style. And if it looks like half the budget was spent on artificial blood, well...that's not too far from the truth."
(Wallace Baine - SC Sentinel ).

"The shooting techniques of The Beginning also harken to a retro style of filming, which Schaferkotter describes as 'horror meets noir.' And although the film's emphasis is on the characters, it has its fair share of blood and gore. After all, we're talking about human flesh-eating here."
(Leah Bartos - Metro SC ).

"With about as much self-driven energy behind them as a major studio would have behind its next horror flick, these three twenty-somethings are about to introduce Santa Cruz to the living dead."
(Christa Martin - Good Times ).